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Saturday, October 6, 2012

TTR's Mythic Drop Shoulder Top in White (Review Showdown)

(Original posting by kyandiix on

Decided to do a review here since it has been so unusually quiet! Hope you all would do up some pretty reviews soon! X
TTR upcoming mystic drop shoulder top in white, size m & merry go round crochet shorts in buttercup, size m

I foresee drop shoulder tops to become increasingly common after since OSF launched several versions of theirs! Wanted to get a piece from OSF initially but my boy commented that it looks like some bathrobe kind of design :S Anyway, tried TTR's piece today at KJ and its really pretty! Doesn't look a single bit like what my bf described it to be! It is elasticized at the neckline + wrist. Tried size m cause there wasn't any size s on the racks at all. Size m fitted okay, doesn't squeeze at the pit or whatnot. So I'm not sure if I should get size s or m for the launch tmr! White wasn't sheer if I didn't remember wrongly (was wearing bright colored undergarments beneath :/), should be lined I guess! Movements can be slightly restricted at times though cause the sleeves are connected to the elastic part of the neckline. Like when I stretched out my hand, the elasticized part stretched too. So babes, you've gotta be small and conscious with your movements if you're getting this top! It's available in mint and sunshine, and the sunshine is a really bright yellow kinda sunshine!
Not gonna do a verbal review for the pastel yellow crochet shorts but I just wanna comment that its really suitable and perfect for a Sunday shopping session! No doubt that AE's version is nicer with the 4 buttons in front but TTR's one has its own uniqueness too! Would definitely get other colors from the launch if it was still available, am patiently waiting for my buttercup piece to arrive now!
Hope this review had helped those contemplating for TTR's drop shoulder top in tmr's launch! I'd say get it! Great for a lazy day ;)
 (Original posting by mlivelaughlove on

Just came in the mail today and this top is on backorder!! :D 
There's the other piece that's not self-manu and I think mostly from korea preorders(?) that's selling like hotcakes on some blogshops! But I read from this forum, that the PTP is too large! :( BUT DON'T FRET!!! The ptp for TTR's one is (Y) for petite girls and won't slip! :D Special shoutout to kyandiix too who tried on the top at KJ previously! :)

Paired it with TTR's Fresh Picks Denim Hot Shorts in Light Wash. NON-SHEER, INNER-LINED for the boobs part (i'm wearing dark undergarments here), with sheer chiffon sleeves that add a unique factor to this top! :) I think it gives a bit of the just-out-of-bed effect, which makes the top subtly sexy ;D Hand movements a little restricted though, hahaha, like I wouldn't want to raise my hands too much in this top! Love it nonetheless, awesome cut and great material! :D


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