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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Love Bonito Taffie Top (Review Showdown)

This top needs no introduction. Simply a classic!

This is my 3rd taffie top. This top is really a basic top which goes well with anything. I love the colour. The size of the new batch of taffie tops runs a little bit bigger than the previous one. Maybe that's the reason why I feel that the new batch of taffie top does not fall off my shoulder that easily as compared to the previous batch.

For reference: I am 1.63m, UK 8
(Original posting by msbunnie on

I hardly ever buy clothes in more than 2 colors, but this is an exception. Totally in love with this basic top from LB, the cutting, material and price are just awesome! Fuchsia was from batch 1, i can't tell the difference between the 2 batches but the new one doesn't fall off my shoulders like the previous cutting. The other girls said the material of the newer batch is better. Anyway if you haven't bought the top, you definitely should get one. Matched it with necklaces from Jeanine Gabrielle and Ohvola Asymmetrical Swing Skirt.
(Original posting by starrycloset on her personal blog

Love the material. The Fuchsia piece is not as slimming as the black piece, so I can see tummy and creases. But overall, I like the design very much, especially the scoop back! Didn’t regret getting this piece at all! So now i have a unique colour that LB hasn’t “officially” launched yet! :D
Definitely keeping both black and fuchsia, but of the 2 colours, i definitely like the black one more, because it’s a staple colour, and because it looks slimming.
(Original posting by Ada Natalie on her personal blog

These BASICS are love! I got their previous edition when they launched over at Bonitochico but this time round the material is SOOO much better. It's like cotton lycra blend instead of purely cotton. Got it in S as i followed the size Beatrice wears nowadays. I would say the fit is good, not too tight even though you can see the stretch lines in the pics above! After a few wash and they will probably "loosen" too!
Maybe i should get forest green from BO too !
(Original posting by Li Han on her personal blog
Received this from BO :) also joined for the crimson piece, but the batch came with colour discrepancies so i opted to change for black, which hasn't arrived yet. i'm pleasantly surprised with the quality of material used, its similar to the one used for the BASICS tiffany tube top; smooth and thick! really love it <3 the low back cutting is very flattering IMO and i can see myself wearing it to school v often because it can match with all my coloured bottoms! :D

Sunday, October 28, 2012

LoveBonito Sander Shorts (Review Showdown)

Bought this pair of shorts during the recent restock [yippe (: ]. Been reading a lot of good reviews on it. 

The material is thick, with no lining. The shorts is not sheer at all. The colour is really nice. I feel that the thigh openings are a little too big but the shorts is really comfortable to wear so overall it's okay.

For reference: I am 1.63m, UK 8
(Original posting by Li Han on her personal blog )

White shorts!!! i have so many dark coloured pairs i figured it was time to get something light and white goes with everything, right ;) the material is quite thick and still a tiny bit sheer, so nude undies advised. S is a little loose for me and the thigh openings are a little big too but its so super comfy i think i'll still be keeping it ;) goes well with most things as you can see! a good pair to get if you're looking for a pair of comfy basic shorts :)

For reference, i'm UK8, 155cm


(Original posting by jumpityjump on )

Love the material- comfy and thick enough, plus the 2 lines on the shorts pretty much elongate my legs hahaha. It’s high waisted, fits me just nice with little allowance (can’t allow to get any fatter anymore!!!!) Doesn’t show VPL either. Nothing much to dislike!!
Was contemplating getting Cobalt but on hindsight i’m glad i didn’t hahaha I have a feeling i’ll end up looking like an AC boy wearing his blue uniform shorts.

Love Bonito Craft Finesse Dress (Review Showdown)

(Original posting by Maxine on her personal blog

I am so glad that LB decided to bring back this awesome dress in gorgeous colours! I wasn't into this "style" when it was first launched, so I missed out. Unexpectedly, they brought it back! (Y)(Y)(Y)

Not surprising, I bought it in 2 colours. Am actually contemplating a 3rd right now, in white! I knew what size to get cause the fit/cut is the same as the Emma Hill Dress which I have, so yeah I got size M!  It fits me well at the PTP with/without a bra and has slight allowance at the waist. The flare from waist down is really flattering and yet it doesn't emphasize hips! 

The cobalt is a bold and brilliant blue. I would love to colourblock my outfit with red/yellow heels! 

The violet is this sexy deep purple colour! Sorry the colour didn't really come out on the iphone camera, so refer to LB's site for the true colour! 
(Original posting by imshopaholic on

Nude undies are recommended as its slight sheer under stronger light. The lemon is really bright yellow kind, which is something I wanted. The mint, on the other hand, is a bit darker compared to the photo online..
No bra is required since its padded. U can however wear a stick-on bra if you want to as the top is quite tight fitting, you can see the seam of the bra from the back.
The concealed side zip is a bit tough to zip up but still manageable. And yes, the material crease easily, which will be a pain during ironing.
I think it will look great with a simple thin belt or necklace. I like the slight flare effect too!! Overall a pretty dress that is definitely worth the buy and keep. :)
(Original posting by Felicia on her personal blog
Review: The colour of the dress is true to Love Bonito's picture:) a very elegant red, though i wouldn't call it Crimson:) Adjustable straps are a plus point :) There is underwire in the bustier section which provides support but is slightly uncomfortable. The slightly flared out bottom is a nice touch too! Made of cotton which i feel is slightly structured, not the flimsy type:) Overall a good buy! Really like the colour of this dress <3
Lovely colours, great cutting, a restock must but :)

Ohvola Hyuna Lace Top (Review Showdown)

(Original posting by Veronica on her personal blog

Design: i realise all my lace tops from ohvola are made from different designs of lace.
er yes, i have most of the lace tops that they launched recently. XD i know its a bad habit.

this yellow top has got flower and leaves motifs!
so pretty.

an unique twist abt this top is the chiffon shoulders portion. so that it has the, not another similar top in your wardrobe. LOL.

sizing: size M fits me good. comfy at ptp! >oh ya, like all tops with a side zip, you cant run away having the zip protruding out at the sides when you wear certain bottoms (refer to the picture where i paired it with the LB miranda cobalt skirt) if you are particular abt it, take a careful look at the mirror before heading out! some bottoms doesnt make the zip obvious.

(Original posting by msbunnis on

Another crazy impulsive purchase, in both colors too and i already have numerous white lace tops. Anyway this top is very well made, the fit is great and the lace is very smooth. Come with inner lining hence not sheer at all. The side zip is pretty redundant IMO cos the top is stretchy.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Ohvola Crochet Fresco top (Review Showdown)

The crochet is quite nicely done. The top is a bit sheer and therefore nude garments are recommended. The only gripe is that I find the top a bit short (I prefer my tops to be a bit longer). This is the third time that I have bought tops from Ohvola and I find that their sizings are not very consistent, unlike LoveBonito (I always fit into size S for LB's clothings). Not sure whether anyone has the same thought.

 (Original posting by Veronica on her personal blog

2 main things to note for this top.

1. there is a side zip. as this top is very fitting and hugging to the body, the side where the lining is sewed to the zip appears longer than the side that didnt. i realised it when i was taking photos.

its not a defect, the inner lining used is not one side longer than the other. its just one side sewed/ one side didnt, hence the problem.

2. ok. this is serious stuff. if you bought this from a reseller. pls check that the crochet used has similar colour. i bought one for stellina and it turns out that, her top has got different shade of white front and back.

can you imagine how shock i am. front is white, back is cream. if you bought this top, pls go and check that the front and back uses the same shade of white. it will be easy to differentiate when you look at the zip. (:

i am relieved that only one top has the defect. LOL.

Sizing: this is a very fitting top =  i find it flattering. of which, i like. HAHAHA. -slap myself- this top ensures you dont overeat. cause it rather tight at tummy. XD

i cannot gain anymore weight. need to maintain weight liao.

i like the exposed gold zip behind; made of good quality. oh, did i say i almost freaked out and start cursing ohvola for manufacturing such a small top cause i thought the only zip is the gold zip behind??? to my relief, i realised there is a hidden side zip. HAHAHA. phew.

Quality: i rmb it very clearly that ohvola mentioned in the blog preview that this is quality assured. indeed it is!!! next time, pls trsut ohvola use of QUALITY ASSURED. LOL. very good quality. the quality can fight with my LB Covet walsh top.

Design: this is my MOST PRETTY crochet top!!! like the ends (where the lining is shorter) like the exposed gold zip behind that spells class. and it looks very good with skirts or shorts.

Ohvola Maison Peplum Top White (review Showdown)

This is a basic top which every gal must own and white goes well with many colours. This top is a bit tight on me. Therefore, I am selling it at $20 mailed. Interested parties pls contact me at
 (Original posting by Veronica on her personal blog )

Sizing: this top is not comfy for me at shoulders/arms. its a little tight. T.T and i think i look very bulky in it. T.T why me so big size.

but, its very cheap though! thats the only comforting pt.

Design: probably because i treat this as a t-shirt instead of a usual blouse, i am ok with it not having inner lining. it really does look like a t shirt. HAHAHA. i am having double standards. Maybe because this top is very cheap, justify for the no lining fact. LOL.

anyway, pls skip this top if you are not a truly peplum fan. the peplum featured is kind of wavy. if the peplum you like is the subtle/flat kind, say no to this top. 

i attached a close up pic of the fabric! this should be the fabric ohvola use for their textured material. (i realise this material doesnt come with lining. peplum skirt no lining, peplum dress also no lining)

PMT ombre wonderland crochet dress (pink)

(Original posting by piercedflesh on More of her OTD on her blog

Please excuse my very messy room! Managed to snag one of these lovely pieces! It really is even more gorgeous in real life hehe. Material is soft & with the inner lining, it isn't sheer at all, bonus! :D I was contemplating on this or the lilac but decided to get the pink.. I need to act a little more feminine anyway haha. It's free sized, slightly elastic at the back & comes with a back zip :) Bustier cut (feel so sexy haha) & really pretty crochet all over :)

If i'm not wrong they still have it in lilac & blue, both very pretty pieces :) Sadly the pink is oos. But still, I highly recommend this! It's a really cute day dress, pretty light material for sg's crazy hot weather! (for the lilac & blue)

Thanks for reading my review ^^ Follow me on instagram for my daily ootds :)

For reference, im a UK 6 for tops & dresses, UK 8 for bottoms, 162cm :)

The dress suuuuper sweet. Absolutely heart it!

The White Alley Emmett Baroque Print Dress (Review Showdown)

(Original posting by Maxine on her personal blog )

Was eyeing this in H&M! But it was a bit too long for me so I didn't get it! Am glad that TWA managed to bring this in in a shorter length! The prints are extremely eye-catching and I was debating over black or pastel pink! I sought many opinions and it was a unanimous decision about black cause the prints are bolder! Pastel pink would have been very pretty as well! The dress is made to be bodycon fit. The white base isn't sheer. Considering that it was priced only at $19.90 excluding postage, i'm not surprised that BOs had to be opened!

Rating: 4/5
 (Original posting zennyyy by on )
This piece was no doubt seen everywhere but I actually got mine for $19.90 can you believe it? It's definitely a must have, if you haven't got it then i'm not sure where can you get it though. What I like most is the prints which had received many praises. It's definitely not sheer unless it is and i didn't realize, but i feel very comfortable in it. Length is alright for me, i'm 164cm but since it's tight fitting adjusting the length shouldn't be a problem. What i like about the white alley is its reasonable pricing especially on pieces that are quite popular among the online stores. 

Monday, October 22, 2012

Momo Teapots Rapunzel Cut-in Maxi in Blue

(Original posting by carolovesce5c on

Another awesome buy is the Momo Teapots Rapunzel Cut-in Maxi in Blue...

Firstly, the fabric is awesome and it drapes your frame prettily yet doesn't cling, making it food-friendly and doesn't show VPL! It states that is made of Quality viscose mix stretchy material.
Another plus point is the slight baby-doll cutting and pleats at the waist (haven't really seen this kind of maxis around)

All in all, one of my most favourite and worthy buys at $31 mailed only..
Another thumbs up for their awesome fast shipping, received it 2 days after payment!!
Will definitely continue to buy from them! :)

Love bonito Fernandez romper (Review Showdown)

(Original posting by missedandgone on

What I like about this romper: It's vibrant colour and prints
What I don't like: The long zip that goes all the way down to the butt area which make zipping up and down Really tedious as it doesnt run smoothly with the thin material (am I the only one who thinks this way?)

The really flare bottom. The leg hole is big so its more prone to "Zao geng" exposing your leg/butt
Ps: I have really huge and protruding rib cage so the waist area fits snugly but its fine.
But overall I find this a cute piece and ready to grab and put on for lazy day and definitely will brighten up your day :)

I'm a uk 6 and got this romper in size xs :)
 (Original posting by bbernice on
Receiving loots on a monday definitely chases away monday blues! Hope this review helps for those for are deciding to join the backorder or not. (Closing on 23/9 11:59pm). Firstly, the material of this is different from the smooth reeves romper. Its still silk like but slightly rougher. Can't help but notice, that's an ink smell. Cutting is similar to reeves romper as well, crossback or strapless bra recommended as it is slight racer back cut. It is not lined, but no big issues cause its dark. For those looking for a light material romper suitable for local weather, this is the one! It also doesn't restrict your movements so its really comfortable. However, I was contemplating between the XS/S cause the XS seems to be able to fit me! Quite thankful that i took S cause the pulling up part was just nice! (big butt :x) Maybe i'll hunt the XS one down in blue.

(Update: Just realise there's a sewing defect at the underarm area! >:( the cloth is not properly sewn in to prevent fraying. I hope you guys know what i'm trying to say. Any advice on LB exchange policy? Do they take very long to process? Thanks in advance)


TheVelvetDolls Isabella Maxi Skirt Wine (Review Showdown)

This batch of maxi skirts comes with inner lining. Therefore, no problem with VPL. Nice colour. The material is pretty okay and will not fur. The skirt, which comes with a thin elastic band, drapes nicely. Length is good for me too. Love it..Size S fits me well. For reference: I am a UK 8, 1.63m.

(Original posting by airmailtoheaven

Don't suppose this needs any introduction as it's been reviewed & raved about to death :) Bought this quite some time back but have yet to wear it out hahaha it's my very first maxi skirt! Maxi skirts aren't really my style to start with but I bought it because I loved the wine colour. Super pretty!!!! Nvm hopefully I shall put it to good use soon. Especially love the material used - it doesn't weigh you down plus it's cooling & smooth against your skin. Definitely a worthy buy for S$28.50!

For your reference, I'm UK6 & 1.68m :)

 (Original posting by Veronica Eng on her personal blog


design: HAHA!! make yourself absolutely feminine in this! so girly pls!

better than cotton. its wont fur that easily! and look and feel better than cotton. its thin in my opinion though! but the fact that a maxi skirt uses so much clothes, a price of $28.50 mailed is justified. (:

that being said, i don deny the fact that a thicker top tucked in, could possibly see the faint outline of your top though!

truth is, when i first saw the skirt. i am depressed. very depressed. the waist band looks, so depressingly small. T.T ma chiam, i am gg to spoil the skirt by wearing it. LOL!!!

but it turns out that the band is actually very stretchable. i don feel very tight or uncomfortable in it. its fits a wide range of sizes!

its a little long for me, i will probably dirty the skirt when i walk. will ask grandma to alter one inch shorter, so that i don have to sweep the floor when i walk! heh. 

(Original posting by Li Han on her personal blog

There! Haha i really like the prints on this dress but i hardly wear it out cos it seems a little dressy to wear out for normal occasions. i think it looks quite nice matched with this maxi skirt though! NOW i must start to rave about this skirt - its really super flattering, i especially like how the elastic band is not too thick such that it'll cut into my torso (if you know what i mean). it drapes really nicely and also ends at a good length for me, around my ankles - it's very slightly shorter than my TTR maxi!

It's good material wise too, it's made of a viscose-rayon blend that's thick enough to drape nicely and not show vpl, but not too thick such that the skirt is overly heavy. very very nice (Y) 

Saturday, October 20, 2012

SMooch Day and Night Dress in White (Review Showdown)

 (Original posting by squashycupcake on

I love the design but I think this cutting is not suitable for me. It is too shapeless and make me look shapeless...  I dont know if size S might fit better since it look rather fitting on the model.
I am be selling this away or trading for size S. do let me know if you are keen to trade or buy.
 (Original posting by micheelllee on her personal blog
love the crochet used and how simple it looks yet it exudes class! Reminds me of LB Walsh covet dress but I prefer the smooch version, maybe cos its fits comfortably. Slightly sheer thus nude undegarments are definitely recommended!
 (Original posting by msbunnie on

This is definitely an impulsive purchase cos i wasn't intending to get it at all. I have LB dress version of the Walsh Top in white and SMooch dress in white is pretty similar. Nevertheless, i love the fit of the dress as well as the pretty crochet details. White is nicer to show the crochet details but black is definitely more slimmer. Will likely keep both.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Love Bonito Mathilde Midi (Review Showdown)

 Mathilde Midi Navy Size S

Didn't manage to get this dress when it was first launched. Therefore, I was very happpy when I snapped this piece during LB's recent re-stock.

I love midis and i think this dress is great - the pleats, the length and the material. I can dress up (with high heels and a clutch) or dress down (with flats and a satchel bag). I totally heart this dress.


(Original posting by addictive07 on

Got this piece from BO and i'm having mixed feelings, i love the colour and the pleats but it seems to make me wider dun you think? but that aside, i love how expensive it looked and really do not need to accessorize much! Yay or nay for this? >.<

Lacepipe Morning Skies Printed Skirt

(Original posting by on wafflesareyumms on

Hi! First time posting here after always reading reviews over here:D recently purchased the Morning Skies Printed Skirt from Lacepipe during their restocks. Really pretty prints and colours of the blue, pink and lilac hues blending over each other. However, the skirt has no inner lining tho, and is a little expensive in my opinion for a skirt without inner lining. Fits me well with a little allowance.

But still am really in love with the shades and prints, pretty satisfied about the skirt overall <: