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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Love Bonito Manhatten Dress in Black (Review Showdown)

(Original posting by celestine lee on

I just received Mahatten Dress in Black from LoveBonito! Initially i was struggling between this piece or the Megagamie one but i decided to go with the black sequins instead of gold.
The dress is light weight and the length is nice . Very glamourous and chic..
The only problem i have is the chest area. I am not sure isit because of my bra , it make my chest look way too big. Maybe i was wearing the wrong bra or the sewed area on the dress is too high. Any ideas ?
Overall this dress is still a good buy though its around $2 more than the Megagamie one.

(Editor note: I enhanced the top photo as the original posted by Celestine was too dark)
(Original posting by chanelle dream on

Hi gals, at the end I got LB Manhatten Dress in Crimson from a forum's seller. I would say this piece is definitely stunning! And I personally prefer the material and sequins of LB's version as compared to MGG's. The material feels more comfy and cooling and the sequins are better made I feel. The cuff is also more fitting in LB's version. Although there is a bonus point for MGG's version they give a belt rather than a sash!:)

However, I got it in size XS and it is too small for me, so I think I will let it go. Do let me know if you guys are keen on it y!

For reference:I am a UK 6, 165cm in height.

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