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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Catwalkclose Ameline Peterpan (Review Showdown)

(Original posting by kwanie06 on

Bought the CWC Ameline Peterpan Top during the recent CWC sales at a steal! Wore it out the next day cos it was so pretty! Paired it with a coral peplum skirt from ASOS which I had reviewed previously.
 (Original posting by mywrongbuys on

Here is Catwalkclose's amelia peterpan top in black/red florals. It was $12 on sale and for that price, i'd say its a good buy. Very smooth material and comes with an inner lining. I decided to get in black/red cause it was the only colour in xs and also cause i wanted sth to match my red pencil skirt and mustard shorts. The florals are really pretty and i was looking for sth that was not the usual floral bustiers prints etc! But anw! When i tried it on, i felt that the armhole was too small but today when i wore it out, it was quite okay. Squeezes abit of my armpit fats sadly but still alright. Also, I find the little button behind damn hard to loop over? I am a klutz when it comes to this kind of looping buttons thingys and what not and omg i really think the back is quite hard to close so I didnt close it when i wore it out :/ quite annoying. But the prints are too pretty so for the meantime, keep it shall be! :)
 (Original posting by mynt_shop on

Paired this top with the Valeria Pencil Skirt :) the unique collar is interesting, but may be uncomfortable for ladies who do not fancy high collars for tops. The prints are true to CWC's website. Good for dress down days with shorts, and high-waisted pants or skirts for work! :) The PTP fits nicely on me too.
Who wore it better? You be the judge (:

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