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Monday, October 22, 2012

TheVelvetDolls Isabella Maxi Skirt Wine (Review Showdown)

This batch of maxi skirts comes with inner lining. Therefore, no problem with VPL. Nice colour. The material is pretty okay and will not fur. The skirt, which comes with a thin elastic band, drapes nicely. Length is good for me too. Love it..Size S fits me well. For reference: I am a UK 8, 1.63m.

(Original posting by airmailtoheaven

Don't suppose this needs any introduction as it's been reviewed & raved about to death :) Bought this quite some time back but have yet to wear it out hahaha it's my very first maxi skirt! Maxi skirts aren't really my style to start with but I bought it because I loved the wine colour. Super pretty!!!! Nvm hopefully I shall put it to good use soon. Especially love the material used - it doesn't weigh you down plus it's cooling & smooth against your skin. Definitely a worthy buy for S$28.50!

For your reference, I'm UK6 & 1.68m :)

 (Original posting by Veronica Eng on her personal blog


design: HAHA!! make yourself absolutely feminine in this! so girly pls!

better than cotton. its wont fur that easily! and look and feel better than cotton. its thin in my opinion though! but the fact that a maxi skirt uses so much clothes, a price of $28.50 mailed is justified. (:

that being said, i don deny the fact that a thicker top tucked in, could possibly see the faint outline of your top though!

truth is, when i first saw the skirt. i am depressed. very depressed. the waist band looks, so depressingly small. T.T ma chiam, i am gg to spoil the skirt by wearing it. LOL!!!

but it turns out that the band is actually very stretchable. i don feel very tight or uncomfortable in it. its fits a wide range of sizes!

its a little long for me, i will probably dirty the skirt when i walk. will ask grandma to alter one inch shorter, so that i don have to sweep the floor when i walk! heh. 

(Original posting by Li Han on her personal blog

There! Haha i really like the prints on this dress but i hardly wear it out cos it seems a little dressy to wear out for normal occasions. i think it looks quite nice matched with this maxi skirt though! NOW i must start to rave about this skirt - its really super flattering, i especially like how the elastic band is not too thick such that it'll cut into my torso (if you know what i mean). it drapes really nicely and also ends at a good length for me, around my ankles - it's very slightly shorter than my TTR maxi!

It's good material wise too, it's made of a viscose-rayon blend that's thick enough to drape nicely and not show vpl, but not too thick such that the skirt is overly heavy. very very nice (Y) 

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