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Monday, October 8, 2012


A review on the blazer that is less than desirable... but must say that Megagmie's service had never failed me (:

(Orginal posting by deepblue87 on

Just thought I'd post this to warn you ladies in case any one of you is thinking of getting this blazer although it was launched a long time ago.

I got one of the lace blazer from MGG when they launched it as extras from BO. Wore it out after a really long time and realised that the lining of the blazer peeks out from the bottom, ie the lining is too long/loose for the lace outerlayer. So I emailed MGG about it wondering if it's a manufacture defect and whether anything can be done on their side. BTW i've handwashed this blazer once.

They asked for photo and the final answer from MGG was:
      We have checked against all our other stocks in our office and we realised that all of the blazer has the same problem, with the           lining peeking out of the blazer. :( However, we are unable to do an exchange for you as the blazer has already been washed :(

      We apologize and we thank you for your kind understanding :(

So unless you girls dont mind a lace blazer with the lining peeking out from the bottom, better stay away from this!

And also, to girls who have this blazer, do you have this problem as well?

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