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Friday, October 5, 2012

Megagamie Sequin Cuff Wrap Dres (Review Showdown)

(Original posting by: chanelle dream on

I went to try this upcoming sequin cuff dress once I saw a post on it by Mega on her blog! Although I think I am quite late since they are launching soon.  I really love the Greek Goddess feeling of this dress.:p And the belt is a bonus point too, since it is not a sash.:) One minor thing is that the dress is quite loose on me on the upper part. So for me I guess I will just sew it up or wear a tube inside. I guess most of us must have notice that this piece is similar to the Manhatten dress by Love, Bonito? The only difference that I can notice is that the different colour of the sequins?Megagamie has it in gold while LB has it in darker shade of silverish sequins? Wondering which one to get.=.=" 
 (Original posting by: squashycupcake dream on

I love this dress, it wasn't as sheer as I thought. :) I think I need to sew some hidden buttons to avoid 'exposure' otherwise, this is really pretty. Love the gold cuff... The gold belt looks good too ;) No regret buying this :)
 (Original posting by micheelllee on her personal blog

got this dress cos it’s so pretty!! Love the bling gold cuffs and the sheer sleeves, the gold belt that comes with it is classy matched with the dress, however the holes on the belt is not enough and small most inner hole is still too loose for me T_T  I’ve got to go punch hole for the belt. love the deep purple used, a very classy piece indeed.
I'm SOOOOO going to get this!!!

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