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Thursday, October 25, 2012

The White Alley Emmett Baroque Print Dress (Review Showdown)

(Original posting by Maxine on her personal blog )

Was eyeing this in H&M! But it was a bit too long for me so I didn't get it! Am glad that TWA managed to bring this in in a shorter length! The prints are extremely eye-catching and I was debating over black or pastel pink! I sought many opinions and it was a unanimous decision about black cause the prints are bolder! Pastel pink would have been very pretty as well! The dress is made to be bodycon fit. The white base isn't sheer. Considering that it was priced only at $19.90 excluding postage, i'm not surprised that BOs had to be opened!

Rating: 4/5
 (Original posting zennyyy by on )
This piece was no doubt seen everywhere but I actually got mine for $19.90 can you believe it? It's definitely a must have, if you haven't got it then i'm not sure where can you get it though. What I like most is the prints which had received many praises. It's definitely not sheer unless it is and i didn't realize, but i feel very comfortable in it. Length is alright for me, i'm 164cm but since it's tight fitting adjusting the length shouldn't be a problem. What i like about the white alley is its reasonable pricing especially on pieces that are quite popular among the online stores. 

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