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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Love Bonito Sora Skirt (Review Showdown)

(Original posting by sherlynchanwp on


From beads to sequins, the LB Sora Skirt is a pleasant surprise. Monochrome and ordinary-looking on the website, this skirt in reality is a work of art. The varying patterns, put together, present themselves so coherently. In black, white and gold, the sequins come together and give the skirt that much more definition and class. Upon scrutinising it, I thought of how fishes would not look as beautiful without their glimmering scales, as would this skirt, if not for the sequins.

Design aside, the fit is great. However, it does fold above my ass on the back. So I guess it does not fit me that perfectly. Nonetheless, for the price I paid, I have no complaints

(Original posting by greysugar on

Just received my sora skirt today! :) This piece did not catch my attention during the preview, and it was only until Velda uploaded her ootd of this skirt that I noticed it. Really love the design! The cutting may not be too flattering for girls with wide hips because of it's A-line structure. And another not so great point about this skirt would be that it's rather sturdy and hard. I'd say it's a good buy overall and I'm happy with my purchase! :) 

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