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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Ohvola Crochet Fresco top (Review Showdown)

The crochet is quite nicely done. The top is a bit sheer and therefore nude garments are recommended. The only gripe is that I find the top a bit short (I prefer my tops to be a bit longer). This is the third time that I have bought tops from Ohvola and I find that their sizings are not very consistent, unlike LoveBonito (I always fit into size S for LB's clothings). Not sure whether anyone has the same thought.

 (Original posting by Veronica on her personal blog

2 main things to note for this top.

1. there is a side zip. as this top is very fitting and hugging to the body, the side where the lining is sewed to the zip appears longer than the side that didnt. i realised it when i was taking photos.

its not a defect, the inner lining used is not one side longer than the other. its just one side sewed/ one side didnt, hence the problem.

2. ok. this is serious stuff. if you bought this from a reseller. pls check that the crochet used has similar colour. i bought one for stellina and it turns out that, her top has got different shade of white front and back.

can you imagine how shock i am. front is white, back is cream. if you bought this top, pls go and check that the front and back uses the same shade of white. it will be easy to differentiate when you look at the zip. (:

i am relieved that only one top has the defect. LOL.

Sizing: this is a very fitting top =  i find it flattering. of which, i like. HAHAHA. -slap myself- this top ensures you dont overeat. cause it rather tight at tummy. XD

i cannot gain anymore weight. need to maintain weight liao.

i like the exposed gold zip behind; made of good quality. oh, did i say i almost freaked out and start cursing ohvola for manufacturing such a small top cause i thought the only zip is the gold zip behind??? to my relief, i realised there is a hidden side zip. HAHAHA. phew.

Quality: i rmb it very clearly that ohvola mentioned in the blog preview that this is quality assured. indeed it is!!! next time, pls trsut ohvola use of QUALITY ASSURED. LOL. very good quality. the quality can fight with my LB Covet walsh top.

Design: this is my MOST PRETTY crochet top!!! like the ends (where the lining is shorter) like the exposed gold zip behind that spells class. and it looks very good with skirts or shorts.

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