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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Love Bonito Taffie Top (Review Showdown)

This top needs no introduction. Simply a classic!

This is my 3rd taffie top. This top is really a basic top which goes well with anything. I love the colour. The size of the new batch of taffie tops runs a little bit bigger than the previous one. Maybe that's the reason why I feel that the new batch of taffie top does not fall off my shoulder that easily as compared to the previous batch.

For reference: I am 1.63m, UK 8
(Original posting by msbunnie on

I hardly ever buy clothes in more than 2 colors, but this is an exception. Totally in love with this basic top from LB, the cutting, material and price are just awesome! Fuchsia was from batch 1, i can't tell the difference between the 2 batches but the new one doesn't fall off my shoulders like the previous cutting. The other girls said the material of the newer batch is better. Anyway if you haven't bought the top, you definitely should get one. Matched it with necklaces from Jeanine Gabrielle and Ohvola Asymmetrical Swing Skirt.
(Original posting by starrycloset on her personal blog

Love the material. The Fuchsia piece is not as slimming as the black piece, so I can see tummy and creases. But overall, I like the design very much, especially the scoop back! Didn’t regret getting this piece at all! So now i have a unique colour that LB hasn’t “officially” launched yet! :D
Definitely keeping both black and fuchsia, but of the 2 colours, i definitely like the black one more, because it’s a staple colour, and because it looks slimming.
(Original posting by Ada Natalie on her personal blog

These BASICS are love! I got their previous edition when they launched over at Bonitochico but this time round the material is SOOO much better. It's like cotton lycra blend instead of purely cotton. Got it in S as i followed the size Beatrice wears nowadays. I would say the fit is good, not too tight even though you can see the stretch lines in the pics above! After a few wash and they will probably "loosen" too!
Maybe i should get forest green from BO too !
(Original posting by Li Han on her personal blog
Received this from BO :) also joined for the crimson piece, but the batch came with colour discrepancies so i opted to change for black, which hasn't arrived yet. i'm pleasantly surprised with the quality of material used, its similar to the one used for the BASICS tiffany tube top; smooth and thick! really love it <3 the low back cutting is very flattering IMO and i can see myself wearing it to school v often because it can match with all my coloured bottoms! :D

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