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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Frockettes Irvina Skater Dress

(Original posting by: starrycloset on

First purchase from Frockettes, and I must say they are very very efficient. Ordered yesterday afternoon at 1pm, and got my “delivered” email that same night, and my parcel today!

I was drawn to the sleeves and the polka dot details. Unlike the previous skater dresses that I owned, Irvina skater dress is made of non-stretchy crepe material (similar material to LB’s miranda skirt). Since the dress is non-stretchy, it comes with a side zip. I had a bit of a struggle to put it on as i was afraid i would tear the dress while slipping my arms into the sleeves. It fits me just nice at the ptp and waist, a little snug at the shoulders part and armhole (armhole is 7.5″). The dress is 33″ long, so no worries about the length or it shortening due to the material (i.e. you know with cotton, the material stretches and then shrinks back to it’s original length – that’s why i was not satisfied with my TTR sleeved skater dress – i pull it down so that it’s of a decent length, but it goes back to 30.5″ after walking around).

Overall, quite happy with the new addition! $33.50, omg, a little expensive!

An excellent review. Babe, it's worth every cent of $33.50!

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