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Friday, October 12, 2012

Love Bonito - Laraine Dress (Review Showdown)

(Original posting by sherlynchanwp on

Love Bonito has outdone itself in manufacturing clothes with such precise workmanship. The embellishments on the LB Laraine Dress have been deftly sewn onto a thick material. Viewing it from afar or close up, the varying shapes of the trinkets make the dress such an eye-catching piece. (I do apologise for not being able to capture the true colour of the embellishments - pink.)

With so many beads, it would be rather unwise to carry a sling bag. So do remember to pair it with a handbag that you can carry on your arm instead! The pleats are lovely and do not add that much volume to the body (as opposed to the whale-like Corrine Dress). I personally think the length is perfect; chic enough for a day out to town and acceptable in some work settings. Please, don't ruin the silhouette by cinching it with a belt. It is perfect and I honestly don't think any additional colour would do justice to the dress. This would be the kind of dress I'd comfortably wear with a pair of ballet flats. It's a statement dress in itself, so simple and yet so beautiful.

 Sherlyn's one of my fav reviewers... reviews are detailed and objective (: 
 (Original posting by galleria7835 on

Did not managed to get it during launch coz I am too slow.. But luckily found a nice seller for it.. Totally in love with it... Can wear it w belts or w/o.. Suitable for buffet days.. Coz the lower part of the dress is loose and flowy... Sorry for the dark pic as I just went to pick up from the seller not long ago and lazy to go to another room for a brighter light... M size fit me nicely at the ptp, not stretchable ptp so I would suggest sticking to the usual top size from LB though it is abit racerback.

I am standing at 1.55m, UK 8 to 10 

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