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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Ohvola Maison Peplum Top White (review Showdown)

This is a basic top which every gal must own and white goes well with many colours. This top is a bit tight on me. Therefore, I am selling it at $20 mailed. Interested parties pls contact me at
 (Original posting by Veronica on her personal blog )

Sizing: this top is not comfy for me at shoulders/arms. its a little tight. T.T and i think i look very bulky in it. T.T why me so big size.

but, its very cheap though! thats the only comforting pt.

Design: probably because i treat this as a t-shirt instead of a usual blouse, i am ok with it not having inner lining. it really does look like a t shirt. HAHAHA. i am having double standards. Maybe because this top is very cheap, justify for the no lining fact. LOL.

anyway, pls skip this top if you are not a truly peplum fan. the peplum featured is kind of wavy. if the peplum you like is the subtle/flat kind, say no to this top. 

i attached a close up pic of the fabric! this should be the fabric ohvola use for their textured material. (i realise this material doesnt come with lining. peplum skirt no lining, peplum dress also no lining)

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