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Friday, October 5, 2012

LoveBonito - Victoire Blouse Black vs White (Review Showdown)


Received this blouse via courier yesterday. Was deciding between the white and black-gold one. 

The blouse fits me well. Interesting material for the sleeves. According to LB, the sleeves are made of novelty fabric. Love this blouse except for the sponges at the sleeves which make the shoulder areas a bit “pong”. Amd therefore I cut off the sponges which are loosely sewn on the blouse. Feel better without the sponges.


(Left: With sponge, Right: Without sponge)

For reference: I am a UK 8, 1.63m.
 (Original posting by sherlynchanwp on

The LB Victorie Blouse in White (XS) is quite a stunning piece. The first thing that caught my attention was the material, similar to  that of the LB Miranda Skirt. Since I'm so in love with the Miranda Skirt, I then started to develop positive sentiments towards this piece. Upon ironing it out with a steam iron and staring at it for awhile, I tore off the tag. It looked so structured and its glitter gold sleeves dazzled me into keeping it. I knew it would be the perfect top for me to materialise the biker chic image. Putting on a pair of jeans (from Zara) in medium wash and my all-time favourite suede booties (from Clarks), the look found its place in my heart.

Honestly, I don't quite know how this top would match very well with skirts. It does go perfectly with pants, and I believe, shorts too. Tucked out, it looks too sloppy and out-of-place. So, do keep it tucked in! Additionally, it's rather sheer and would only accommodate nude undergarments. I wouldn't recommend any necklaces to go with it. (Pardon mine, I forgot to remove it after work.) My favourite feature would be the concealed zip at the back that gives this top a very polished look. It looks too classy to be true.

Personally, I feel that bronze is not too ideal a colour and can pass off as a little garish. The Black-Bronze piece is awfully severe and a big no-no. I'd say, stick with White-Gold, followed by Black-Gold, before you consider the Bronze ones!
(Original posting by bbernice on

From the same reseller, Victoire Blouse in XS. The white is really sheer though, definitely not a casual blouse as well. Though many dislike the padded shoulder, i actually like them alot! The XS is actually quite fitting for me. So for those getting this item through resellers, I'd advice not to size down. Also, it does look weird when not tucked in. With so many cases of nasty sellers these days, i'm really glad i met a nice one. Cheers to all good sellers :) Have a great weekend everyone!


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