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Friday, October 5, 2012

LoveBonito - Mahesa Maxi (Review Showdown)

Bought this maxi cos Rach looks so nice in it. Didnt realise the maxi was made of cotton-jersey. Definitely not tummy friendly. The maxi cuts at my armpits too ;(

For reference: I am a UK 8, 1.63m.
 (Original posting by springfiry on

Really lovely dress! Nude undies are a must! Color is not pure white , but more of a creamy white. Think it will go great with gold accessories.
Length wise , It looks abit short on me , wondering if I should size up so it will look longer. Difference in lining can be seen, I don't think it is considered a deffect right?
The neckline kinda shows off my shoulders , in a bad way but I really like the cut!
Overall a really elegant dress. 

(Original posting by sherlynchanwp on

The LB Mahesa Maxi (which is such a mouthful) is insanely body hugging. It's just about the most body hugging LB dress I own apart from the Edinburgh Dress from eons ago. I got this piece off the LB forum! From the waist downwards, it shows off everything good... and bad. The best part about such dresses is that while walking, the silhouette of the legs behind the fabric is very sexy. I've only seen myself from the front but I'm guessing the view from the back has got to be even better haha. It would be a crime to show your VPL, so choose your undergarments wisely. The drawback of this maxi has got to be how it shows the tummy (and even the belly button if you eyeball the picture carefully). And since my hipbones and collarbones are quite the protruding type, it is a little unsightly. Nonetheless, I'm keeping it. I'd better wear more of these dresses now before I grow old and saggy.

Oh and btw, the blue is very blue.

UK Size 6, 1.63m
PTP 14", waist 11.5"-12"
(Original posting by panitaponpon on

This lovely maxi dress in Size S fits me like a dream and the length is just right, although I'm pretty tall (1.67m). For shorter girls, you can most probably skip alterations by simply hitching it up higher as the waist is elasticized. The dress is extremely fitting and is made of a stretchy cotton-rayon mix. It is extremely classy and is amazing at accentuating one's curves, but with that, seamless undergarments are also a must. I chose this pretty royal blue colour as I felt it would be a better complement to my fair skin tone, as opposed to other colours available like yellow or malachite. Lighter colours would probably be less forgiving on tummies and bulges after meals. One of my favourites from LB so far (: It is still available in several colours and sizes.
[p.s. Babe, I resized your photo coz it was a whopping 7mb :P]
(Original posting by imshopaholic on

Think everyone here shld be familiar with this dress from love bonito. Am lucky to get it from the forum as it seems quite hot! Haha..

Indeed a beautiful maxi dress that need no alteration as we can pull the elastic waist up or down. But I dun recommend pulling it too further up as the top is alrdy quite baggy, and pulling it further up will only make us or rather me look heavy on the top.
The bottom is indeed veri body hugging! I must make sure I dun eat too much to deck on it, lest my lil tummy will show! :( Other than nude undies, must also take note of VPL. which is why i did not take a back shot of it as I am not wearing the right undies, haha!!
I like that it makes me look tall thou. :) a pretty dress that is worth getting and keeping!

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