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Friday, October 12, 2012

The Velvet Dolls Lace Sleeve Dress (Review Showdown)

The fabric of the dress is good and the lace details at the sleeves are nice (I have a weakness for lace). Strapless bras are a must as the straps of the bra can be seen .The dress fits me well. Although the material is stretchy, I think the dress can only fit up to big UK 8. The only gripe is that the dress is too short for me. For girls who are above 1.6m and who do not like short dresses, this dress may not be suitable for them.
(Original posting by shoppaholic30 on

For your reference, the one in white on the right is the piece I tried in KJ, Size S.

Tried this at KJ previously and was quite tempted to get it cause this would be a nice skater dress. .
So I camped for the launch and got the dress on thursday (2 days later), which was real quick!

But the dress was quite a disappointment as it was nothing like those displayed at KJ.

Firstly, the material was thinner than the one at KJ. But this factor didnt bother me so much as our weather is quite humid, so I'm okay with the thinner material.

Secondly, the cutting of the dress was different from the one at KJ. Size S is quite tight for me but size M is way too loose for me for the pieces at KJ. But I thought since cotton would expand after some time, I took S during the online launch. And it was a really good decision! This piece, S, fits me well with allowance and is nothing like the S I tried at KJ. You can compare from the pictures above. .

Lastly, the real disappointment for me, is that the dress is shorter than the one at KJ. The one I tried at KJ is actually longer :(

Well, despite all these negative remarks cause of the differences between the pieces between the online launch and the one with KJ, this is still a very nice dress. The only thing to take note is the sizing and the length of the dress. If you are above 1.6m and dont enjoy wearing short dresses, then I would not recommend it. Otherwise, it is still a very versatile piece.

I'm keeping it cause it is a really nice skater dress, just a tad short :(
In any way, if anyone disagree with me on the differences between the pieces in KJ and the online launch, feel free to share :)

Hope my review has helped those who are contemplating on whether or not to join the BO :)
For $28, it is still a good buy!

FYI, I'm a UK6-8, 165cm.

(Original posting by rhythm_of_luv on

It was love at first sight when I saw this dress during the TVD preview, and I have no regrets(:

I got it in the mail yesterday and wore it out immediately today! The material is smooth and comfortable, but it's a little sheer at the top portion so I wore a white tube inside. Girls below 1.60 might find this a little short, but personally I find it acceptable(: 

Mine came with a small hole at the end of one of the lace sleeves, but this is a small problem because it's very near the edge so it's totally not obvious(: But as I was trying on the dress today I accidentally tore a small bit of the lace at the armpit area of my left arm:( I'm quite thankful that at least its at the armpit area, so If I don't lift my arms up you don't see the mini holes.haha.

Oh, and my dress also came with a very pale yellow stain at the back near the waist area, it's so pale that I couldn't capture it on camera so I didn't bother sending it back to TVD for an exchange/refund. My friend said she couldn't see the stain at all(under indoor lighting) so I guess that's not a big issue either(:

However I'll be selling this dress as I feel that my arm movements are too huge for this delicate dress.haha.

I'm selling it at $15 if anyone is interested, but please do note of the defects I've stated above.

If no takers I'll probably just keep it and cut off the lace sleeves and turn it into a scoop back sleeveless skater dress(:

if you're interested email me at!

Thanks for reading!(:
UK6/8 tops
UK8 bottoms
p.s. Think rythym_of_luv meant 'girls above 1.60m will find it short' 
 (Original posting by pauliyanna on

It was love at first sight with this dress when I first spot Veronica reviewing this here. it looks so simple yet classy. Explains why many babes already reviewed it here!

Sounds like the perfect Christmas dress.. So despite owning many skater dress I had to add this to the collection. ;)

I was afraid that the lace may be too flimsy but it was acceptable enough. The dress was smooth n stretchy. I was under strong light when trying and i find the dress very slightly sheer.. Length was good as well. It's an oh so comfy dress to be in yet classy. I love the low back as well. The only issue is prolly being black it will be subject to lots of furring I guess and the lace got to be handled with loads of tender loving care.
 (Original posting by prettyfairee on

Here's a review of TVD Lace Sleeve Skater Dress in Black. It's a really simple, basic dress that was a MUST-GET for me. I heart anything lace. The sleeves add style and femininity to a basic dress and I love the low scoop back. The dress will fur after sometime and because of it's weight, the dress will become longer. It is advisable to lay it flat after washing. You must be careful not to hook your sleeves onto anything as it's quite fragile. I thought the workmanship of the lace sleeves wasn't fantastic though especially at the part where they stitched the sleeves together to prevent it from having any loose thread.

Other than that, I'm satisfied with the dress. :) 

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