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Monday, October 22, 2012

Love bonito Fernandez romper (Review Showdown)

(Original posting by missedandgone on

What I like about this romper: It's vibrant colour and prints
What I don't like: The long zip that goes all the way down to the butt area which make zipping up and down Really tedious as it doesnt run smoothly with the thin material (am I the only one who thinks this way?)

The really flare bottom. The leg hole is big so its more prone to "Zao geng" exposing your leg/butt
Ps: I have really huge and protruding rib cage so the waist area fits snugly but its fine.
But overall I find this a cute piece and ready to grab and put on for lazy day and definitely will brighten up your day :)

I'm a uk 6 and got this romper in size xs :)
 (Original posting by bbernice on
Receiving loots on a monday definitely chases away monday blues! Hope this review helps for those for are deciding to join the backorder or not. (Closing on 23/9 11:59pm). Firstly, the material of this is different from the smooth reeves romper. Its still silk like but slightly rougher. Can't help but notice, that's an ink smell. Cutting is similar to reeves romper as well, crossback or strapless bra recommended as it is slight racer back cut. It is not lined, but no big issues cause its dark. For those looking for a light material romper suitable for local weather, this is the one! It also doesn't restrict your movements so its really comfortable. However, I was contemplating between the XS/S cause the XS seems to be able to fit me! Quite thankful that i took S cause the pulling up part was just nice! (big butt :x) Maybe i'll hunt the XS one down in blue.

(Update: Just realise there's a sewing defect at the underarm area! >:( the cloth is not properly sewn in to prevent fraying. I hope you guys know what i'm trying to say. Any advice on LB exchange policy? Do they take very long to process? Thanks in advance)


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