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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Smooch Britannia Dress (Review Showdown)

(Original posting by Zenithangel on her blog

The colour look very sweet don’t you think? The thick lining used was love and the lace at the back helps to cover up VPL. Wasn’t wearing seamless while trying and it doesn’t show due to the lace panel at the back. The lace panels was tightly sewn onto this chiffon dress. No problems with the back zip and it was quite easy to zip myself up. Had problem with the plastic beads though. It wasn’t sewn on tightly and it could be moved around. One or two of the beads even fell out while I was changing out of the dress which is disappointing as I expected better quality for the amount paid. It might just be my piece since I usually hear raves about Smooch’s clothes.

Did email Smooch about my loose beads since I saw reviews with people raving of how tightly sewn the beads was. Smooch allowed me to do an exchange. What I like about their customer service is that they mailed out the exchange piece with a self-addressed envelope without waiting for me to return my defect piece. Kudos to the great CS that seem to be disappearing from most BS.
(Original posting by jane3gg on

Smooch Britannia Dress in White, M
This dress is SO pretty and well-made! I especially love the lace and beads embellishments on the dress. The bodice of the dress fits like a glove. But but but once again, my broad shoulders are too big for it and I feel terribly restricted in it. I'd want to keep this dress and alter it, but do you girls have any suggestions on how I can enlarge the shoulder portion?

Anyway this is my observation on Smooch's clothing. Believe me, I LOVE Smooch and I've been purchasing from them since the ATBU days. Their clothes are always chic and unique and the workmanship is always commendable. Sarah the owner provides excellent customer service too! I feel, however, that Smooch's apparels with high necklines often do not fit me because their arm holes/ should widths are too small and restrictive for my broad shoulders and back. This is so even when the rest of the apparel fits very well. So ladies with broad shoulders, do take note of this when purchasing clothes that may be restrictive! For girls like us, that one extra inch of shoulder/ arm space can make a world of difference. ;)

I am UK8, 1.68m. 
(Original posting by Wendyx on

Smooch's Britannia Dress in Peach ; finally gave in and bought this in size M even though I was skeptical about its fit and length for me. I was pleasantly surprised by the actual piece and its length on me, not too short! It's a bit tiny loose for me at the waist however, I'll probably be bringing it to a seamtress to get it altered soon, when I have the time. 

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