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Saturday, November 3, 2012

The Tinsel Rack Off Shoulder Eyelet Top (Scoop Review)

(Original posting by sveltekiss on

First saw this top on TTR.lj during the launch of Collection 121, which DX match with Freedom Chiffon Flare Pants in Mint. as usual, i just LOVES anything offshoulder :p i knew i just need to get this top when TTR launch it cos this design is what i've been finding all along. so it is obvious that one can sense my excitement when i saw it up on rack at KJ. :DD

however, when i saw the material used for this top, i was utterly DISAPPOINTED!! WHYYY COTTON???I HATE MY CLOTHING THAT IS OF THIS KIND OF COTTON COS NOT ONLY IS IT THIN, IT CREASE EASILY TOO :( MAJOR SIGHZZZZZZ :(((( but i LOVES the design!!! retailing at KJ for $31.90.

(Original posting by krustallos_c on

I saw this piece on the rack in KJ's Vivo branch and I immediately recognized that it is the off-shoulder top that TTR styled with the Freedom Chiffon Flare Pants (as seen HERE). I was really interested in the top when I saw it in the pictures but I changed my mind about getting it. It looked really nice in photo but it isnt flattering when worn. :( Was trying the S size & there were 4 colors available - White, Green, Reddish Pink & Yellow. Only yellow & white looks fine, the other 2 colors look old.  Also, the material isnt good.. it is those thin school uniform material (not sure what it is called, but as you can see.. my short buttons can be easily seen). Wont really recommend this piece to buy. I forgot to take note about the retail price but it was definitely >$30.90.

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