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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Love Bonito Payton Peplum Top (Review Showdown)

(Original posting by Vera on her personal blog

Highly anticipated this top. 
The quality is good. Comes with anti-slip and a back zip.
There is no elastic band.
Note that there is no padding and boning for this top.
The cut is very feminine. 
As pretty as it seems, I find it low cut.
Size S fits comfortably, I wonder if Size XS would be a better fit or snug.
For this top, the bust part may feel a little empty for ladies A-B cup.
If only I got bigger boobs then this top would be perfect or if only this top has smaller PTP roar!
Please visit her nice nice blog for more pics :)

(Original posting by StarryCloset on her personal blog


Was really tempted to get this when I saw Velda’s preview picture on instagram. Since i had the TDC Basic Peplum Top in Black, i decided to get this in the other basic colour – White. Made of really thick polyester material. I was quite surprised by the quality of the material used – this might be why the top is priced so high. The top comes with anti slip all around. Definitely a plus point for me.

M is a little loose for me at the ptp and also loose at the waist. I’d much prefer it a little more hugging as this is a tube. Will probably wear it with a belt to enhance the waist. Comes with a back zip and also a hook fastener at the top – i’m not really a fan of back zips because I can’t zip them up myself unless i pull it to the front, zip it, and push it to the back again! The peplum flares out alright. it’s a little on the long side.

Overall, still a pretty piece to own and can be quite classy depending on how you pair it. At $29.50, I still find it a little on the expensive side though.
(Original posting by Backonbeat on

It's non sheer as the material used was thick.
The flare of the peplum was slightly structured due to the material, but it wasn't overwhelming.
Definitely, there's a slimming effect from the peplum.

However, I felt it was slightly low cut and a little over priced.
But still a worthy buy as the cut and material used was great!

True to size, I'm a UK6/8 and it came with anti-slip at the front and the back.
Hope that helps for those that are looking the reviews of the Payton Peplum Tube :)
It's still available in all sizes except for Black and Crimson in M and White in S and M.

I do kinda agree that LB's prices are climbing. You gals have the same sentiment???

Proactol LTD

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