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Friday, November 9, 2012

Megagamie - Intazia Bandage Skirt

(Original posting by Starrycloset on

Was quite surprised to be invoiced for this at 9.45pm even though i totally forgot the launch and commented at 9.20pm that night. Not a very popular item? Probably because they have the dress version - Motel Tribal Cut In Dress, of this as well? I got attracted to the patterns on the skirt, plus i’m still stuck on the peplum top fashion, so i decided to get more bottoms to go with my peplum top!

To be honest, when I saw the skirt up close, i didn’t really like the pattern and i was wondering to myself if this was the same skirt I saw on MGG’s pictures. Gave it a try, and once I stood in front of the mirror – tadah! it was really the same skirt I fell in love with. The skirt is quite short, so i was wearing it below my waist. Really love the wavy patterns. Comes with MGG label. Made of  1 layer of vicose rayon. It’s quite stretchy but also rather thin. Comes with an elastic band at the top and a hot pink inner lining. I reckon this will fit up to big UK10 bottoms at most.
Cost $25.50 via normal postage is an ok price for me. The dress version cost $28.50 – but i’m not so much a fan of cut-in tops. If you want to get a printed bandage skirt, I must say this is one of the nicer patterned bandage skirts around.

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