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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Lovebonito Chelsea Top (Review Showdown)

Sorry for the crumpledness of the top as I took it straight from the package. I bought this top because I like the slight plunge back design. The design at the shoulders is quite nice too.

If you have been reading my posts, you should know that I will remove shoulder pads from tops, as far as possible, because I think I have broad shoulders. However, the design of this top does not allow me to remove the shoulder pads. Nonetheless, I think that this is a nice top which goes well with any bottoms and the colour of the top brightens my wardrobe.

This top does not have any zip and thus it is a a bit hard to wear it. Size s fits me well. I am a UK 8.

Due to lighting effects, my photos do not reflect the true colour (malachite) of the top. Please refer to Lovebonito's website for the true colours.
(Original posting poisonpoppyz by on

Okay, so this is where I got a little greedy and ordered the same top in 2 colours. Because I just had to. I got it according to my usual measurements PTP 16" but what I did not notice was that Zianna was wearing size S. I usually take the same size as her or one size up if its fitting. FML. What was I thinking getting XS? No idea, no idea at all. I swear I thought I was going to tear the top when I was trying it on. It is weirdly tight around the chest and the hips area. I noticed that it was mainly because of the inner lining.

Am considering to trade for size S or doing something about the inner lining :/ So if you are considering joining the B/O, you might want to size up. (Sorry for the late notice!!) Other than that, its an amazing basic top with slight paddings at the shoulders (loveee this!) and an unique back. Worth buying! ;)

I'm an UK6/8, 160cm for reference.

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