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Friday, November 9, 2012

OTD - Klarra Nayeli Peplum Top Crimson, Lovebonito Samantha Shorts Black

Top: Klarra Nayeli Peplum Top Crimson
Bottom: Lovebonito Samantha Shorts Black

This is the first time that I have worn this top out although I bought it quite some time ago. I love how the bottom of the top flares out nicely and the material is comfortable to wear.
This top is free sized and fits me well (I am a UK 8). After I had bought this top from Klarra at $27.50 mailed, I realised that one blogshop sold the same top at $23 mailed. To me, it is a huge price difference for non-blogshop-manufactured items. Therefore, I have decided not to buy from Klarra again unless I really love the clothings.

Love LB Samantha shorts. I love the length of the shorts, which is a bit longer than the usual shorts. The material has a "shine" to it and is smooth to the touch.


  1. hey there, what's the other blogshop that sells at 23mailed? the top looks fab on you and the material looks good too!

  2. Hi. The other Blogshop is
    Yes, the material is quite fab. I saw a shop at far eat plaza selling this top too, at $23-24, if I am not wrong.