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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Lovebonito Fanning Flats Black and khaki (Review Showdown)

When LB previewed these flats, I knew I had to get at least one colour. I decided to get black and khaki as I want to have a pair of dark coloured flats and a pair of light coloured flats. 

When I received the flats, I knew LB did not disappoint. The flats are so pretty! Initially I was worried that the flats might be too small for me as I have broad feet and did not take a size up for the flats as advised by LB. Fortunately, the shoes fit well. I am a size 37 for C&K shoes and took the same size for the Fanning flats.

The flats are quite comfortable on 1st wear. That being said, I have not worn them out yet. Hope they remain as comfortable throughout the day when I wear them out. The flats are made of faux suede and suede being suede, they get dirty easily (especially for light colours) and should avoid contact with water. 

The flats are easy to match. I totally heart them.

However, LB's prices are getting increasingly higher. If this goes on, I might have to jump ship to other blogshops.
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The fanning flats is definitely a must get for this season! I usually stick to sz 36 (9 inches) but realised the measurement on LB's web this time was 9.25 inches for sz 36. Still stuck to my usual size and thankfully, it fits just right! :)
However, I wore it out ytd and my toes started to hurt after a while :( I don't have broad feet so I would reckon it's the narrow front that caused it. 
If you ladies are uncomfortable with narrow fronts, you may want to size up! :) 

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Fanning Flats in Khaki, size 36. I'm a true CK size 36 and it fits well. Very strong suede smell! Its not very heavy but its made of good material i'd say. Thick soles. The box labelled it as nude colour though. Got this from a reseller cause I was too slow, missed the online purchase and I really dislike waiting for BOs. Its pretty comfy for now, I don't have broad feet so very pointy shoes, not a problem for me. And among all the colours, i find that khaki is the easiest to match with clothings. Oh! Even the soles has the word 'Love, Bonito' debossed on it. Thumbs up for the small details. Now, i'll just hope when i wear this out, it doesn't rain. 

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