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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Frockettes Lucern Toe Cap Heels

(Original posting by Maxine on her personal blog

Yeppp, cap toe heels again. Ying Tian calls me her fellow cap toe shoe addict and it is very true. Bought this off the site as a BO (apparently it's an ongoing BO and had a hard time choosing between cream and black!) I sized up to 39 as well as advised on the site due to the smaller cutting. Black x Gold is such a classic combination. Actually, I love anything x Gold. The material is faux leather and the gold part is metal. I'm not sure how comfy it would be until I wear it for a whole day! For now, it looks gorgeous. I am looking forward to getting LB's version in suede! Emailed LB to ask when they are launching but they weren't able to give me an answer. D:
Rating: 4.5/5
For those of you who follow my updated buys on the sidebar ---->, you will know I kinda went a little (okay, very) crazy last night. I spent 45 minutes trying to get 5 colours of the LB Fanning Flats. I got all except Khaki! A huge thank you to my friend, A, who helped me check out White, Black and Wine! I couldn't bear to let Violet go after seeing the close-up shots and what took me 45 minutes? COBALT. Victory was mine at 8.45pm!! Was super happy for the rest of the night! (The site hung on me for like 30s at 8pm, so I missed Cobalt. Stupid NUS Wireless can't handle the internet traffic.) Anyway my friend will be receiving 3 pairs. I hope I receive my Violet & Cobalt soon! The price for these flats are on the high side, so I expect good quality! (+++ postage, really burnt a hole in my savings account)
You go gal! 5 pairs of LB Fanning Flats! I only managed to get 2 :p

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